Risk Assessment Test
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About You
1. What is your gender?
2. What is your age?
3. Which country do you reside?
4. What state are you located in?
5. What industry do you work in?
1. What is your annual salary?
2. What is your annual income from other sources? (i.e. rental income, side hustles, trust funds, etc.)
3. What is your all-in after-tax income from all sources?
1. How much do you spend on your rent or mortgage each month?
2. How much discretionary spending do you allocate to yourself each month?
3. How much do you spend on others each month? (i.e. family, charity, etc)
4. What is your total monthly expense?
Net Worth
1. How much cash do you have on hand?
2. What is the total amount of your investments?
3. What is the value of your real estate?
4. How much debt do you have?
1. What is your primary purpose of making money?
2. What is your primary financial and lifestyle goal?
1. I have a lot of investment experience.
2. I make regular changes to my investments to improve investment returns.
3. I rarely worry about losing my principal (or original investment).
4. I understand that investments can lose money.
5. Reading financial news can make me anxious even when markets are going up.
6. When my investments are down, I feel anxious.
7. Preventing portfolio declines is more important to me than achieving high returns.
8. Losing more than 20% of my portfolio in a year makes me very uncomfortable even if it's normal in the market.
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